Real-time, risk based Transaction Monitoring & Fraud Management Software – SaaS model

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BANKiQ PULSE – FRM Software-as-a-Service, is an innovative service delivery format that aims to help Co-operative Banks, Small & Medium Banks, Neo-Banks, Credit societies, Payment Services Providers (PSP) and Fintech’s to leverage advanced Fraud Prevention technologies in a pre-packaged format, to provide their customers real-time risk-based Transaction monitoring and Fraud Prevention for all digital payment channels including fast-payment channels.


BANKiQ PULSE – Key Features

BANKiQ solution offers a fraud prevention approach that offers customised detection, alerting, and blocking features to protect from digital payments fraud. By analysing various data points in-line of the transaction payload and combining them with demographic data, you can significantly reduce or even prevent fraud, all in a complete FRM Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery format. In a pre-packaged service format, it offers significant advantages to detect, prevent, and mitigate fraud risks at a faster time-to-value of deployment and Go-live.

BANKiQ PULSE Key Features