Life at SquareOne is based on the principles of “5Cs”

We, at SquareOne take our work very seriously, but also ensure that we have our share of fun whilst completing the tasks at hand.


An environment where people from different cultures and background collaborate. We will support grand ideas and risk-takers and appreciate performers. Our employees, like our clients are the number one priority.


We celebrate each success story. Every day is a new beginning, no job is small and no achievement is minor. We come together to discuss the challenges, how we move beyond and to enjoy the little moments of life.


We are because of our customers. In Fraud–Risk–Compliance, adherence and keeping pace with change is inevitable. We work with the best to address FRC challenges & cater to the ever-increasing customer demands to prevent Fraud, Misuse & Abuse.


Creativity is in our DNA. We encourage free thinkers and motivate out of the box solution givers. As an organization, we want our people to put themselves in the customer’s shoes every time they are confronted with a challenge.


We are champions in our own rights, providing effective and efficient Fraud – Risk – Compliance solutions. We are problem solvers and take up challenges with a qualitative approach. We don’t believe in probabilities when it comes to being Numero Uno in what we do.

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Current Positions

Meet SquareOne. We architect real-time Fraud – Risk – Compliance solutions, leveraging the best and latest in technologies. We work with leading Banks (Issuer & Acquirer), Financial Services companies, Payment Service Providers (PSP), Payment Aggregators (PA) & Hybrid FinTechs to enhance and transform the way they do business. We do this with passion by applying the human touch to business and technology.

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