Banks around the globe have been losing billions due to fraud, precisely because of non-acceptance of the basics of ‘preventive Fraud-detection’. It is, therefore, necessary to establish a proactive/preventive approach to prevent frauds as well as remain competitive. Further, implement strategies and systems and introduce a compliance culture.

Large Banks with their Enterprise approach provides the best of Digital Banking & also Branch-Banking to their Customers. They offer Banking solutions, both for Retail Banking & Corporate Banking. Hence true real-time Fraud-prevention is a must have for both Retail & Corporate Banking. At the same time they have a a large Branch Banking base and have to be vigilant of Internal Frauds too.

Learn how BANKiQ – IFRM address ‘Enterprise Fraud-Prevention’ for Large Banks.

A Single integrated Enterprise FRM Platform for Large Banks
An FRM operating at Scale & in true real-time for Large Banks
Combine conventional Rules management and Cognitive intelligence for an effective Step-up response to prevent Frauds