The Banking and Financial Services industry require Risk Management solutions which are real-time and Preventive in nature. BANKiQ™ provides leading Risk Management solutions, powered by fast- data and machine learning, enabling best defence against new generation financial crimes for Banks, Financial institutions & Payments solution partners, thus protecting them from potential fraud, misuse and abuse.

BANKiQ™ solutions combines behaviour profiling and transaction risk scoring to offer a comprehensive detection and response system that can help prevent frauds. Step-up automated or guided response can be implemented to spot frauds in real time, without affecting Customer experience. BANKiQ™ has a ready to use portfolio of Real-time and Intelligent Products.

BANKiQ™ solutions, thanks to its micro-services based architecture, blends and embeds with all Transaction payment processes as also Merchant on-boarding process and provides real time Fraud prevention to Digital Payments & Fast-Payments. It also addresses Fraud prevention for Internal Frauds, Merchant Acquisitions, Branch Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury, Forex & Swift Transfers. It has a high Feature-Functional rating as also scores well on parameters such as Scalability, Manageability, Usability and Inter-operability. BANKiQ™ is a highly agile and scalable platform.

Digital Payments Fraud Management
Internal Fraud Management
Anti-Money Laundering Solution
Fast-Payments Fraud Management
Merchant Acquisition Fraud Management
Identity Theft Fraud Management
Enabling Custom Real Time Intelligent Application