BANKiQ™ Partner program include relationships with specialized implementation partners to develop, market, sell and deliver comprehensive BANKiQ™ suite of solutions. BANKiQ™ partners are eligible for teaming fees for identifying leads and helping BANKiQ™ sales teams close deals.


Resellers receive discounts on the sale of new BANKiQ – IFRM or BANKiQ – IAML Solution software licenses while selling their own Products (Ex. Payment Platforms, Digital Payment Channels etc), consulting and integration services.

Connect with us to discuss details of the BANKiQ™ Re-seller program.

Service Providers

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) combine their own intellectual property with BANKiQ™ Solution software in a hosted cloud environment. An MSP is a service provider that offers Digital Payment-as-a-Service to Banks and Financial Service customers, which is combined with BANKiQ IFRM Software solution with the MSP’s core Solution/ platform & Operations expertise.

Service providers – and their clients – benefit from scalable pricing and flexible delivery as part of this program.

Advisory Partners

Advisory partners work with their Customers and offer Advisory Services in the areas of Forensics, Fraud, Risk & Compliance. As part of this Service they also have to do Program Advisory and Management of Fraud, Risk & Compliance projects for their customers.

The BANKiQ™ Advisory Partner program is for such Advisory Consulting partners.

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