BANKiQ FRC is a real-time, Cognitive ML enabled solution for monitoring Merchant onboarding, Transaction payment monitoring, Suspicious Transaction Reporting (STR)  & complete Fraud Management for Merchant Acquirers, including access portals for Acquiring Banks and Merchants, pre-packaged with STR and Acquirer Fraud Rules and Scenarios as also Fraud management reports and dashboards.

BANKiQ FRC solution is equipped with best-in-class Alert Handling, Queue Management, Workflow and Investigative Case Management capabilities. It has

  • Ability to investigate across multiple transactions and activities with One-to-Many and Many-to-One linking capabilities
  • Ability to look at certain events such as reversals, returns, refunds against curated and calculated metrics such as ratios over time periods
  • Ability to apply machine learning to detect beyond human monitoring and human comprehension
  • Ability to provide Portal access to Acquiring Banks & top Merchants to make a Checker ability with respect to Fraud prevention outlook.
Curated Acquirer Fraud Management Graphic

All monitoring, handling and follow-up is aided with automated as well as guided data and tool capabilities making it easier for operations team to handle the responsibility and progressively become better with higher efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness. It has all elements curated for Acquirer Transaction monitoring and Fraud Management.