Secure your Digital Banking Platform with Compliance and Fraud Management Solutions

As banking experiences continue to evolve, accompanied by the exponential growth in digital payments, including the meteoric rise of Instant Payments. This development necessitates Acquiring Banks, Payment Service Providers (PSPs), Payment Aggregators (PAs), and Payment Processors to implement robust solutions to effectively mitigate fraud risks, ensure compliance, and support today’s fast payments.

BANKiQ’s fraud risk compliance solutions are expertly designed to detect, prevent, and respond to fraudulent activities and adhere to compliance requirements. Addressing the growing demand for secure and seamless customer experiences, BANKiQ’s fraud risk compliance services promptly support managing risks, adhering to regulations, and enhancing security by orchestrating a multi-layered defense against evolving frauds.

Rising Fraud Risks - Understanding the Critical Importance of Fraud Risk Compliance Solutions

Payment frauds and transaction risks are on an alarming rise, posing significant challenges to the digital payments landscape . Since last year, there has been a 25% increase in digital payment frauds, signaling an alarming need for an all-encompassing solution that simplifies and streamlines detection, prevention, and compliance frameworks. By embedding an advanced  fraud Risk Management solution, like BANKiQ’s fraud risk compliance services,  financial entities can:

Detect and respond to
multichannel frauds

 Monitor merchants for
onboarding risks

Analyze transactional

Report suspicious transactions to
FIU/ Regulators

Facilitate a safe platform for Payment Processing

Support compliance

Key Features of BANKiQ’s Fraud Risk Compliance Management Solution:

Curated Transaction Monitoring and Fraud Management

Harness the strength of cognitive intelligence to monitor electronic payments in true real-time (less than 100 ms), especially for acquirer banks and payment processors. Leverage BANKiQ’s advanced fraud risk compliance solutions for digital payments to detect, prevent, and manage fraudulent activities effectively, ensuring transaction security and enhancing user trust.

STR Reporting

Seamlessly report all suspicious transactions to FUI and regulators with BANKiQ’s in-built reporting capabilities. Our fraud risk compliance management solution enables you to stay compliant and contribute to global digital payment fraud prevention.

Ml and AI-Powered Merchant Onboarding and Risk Scoring

Effortlessly screen merchants during the onboarding process against published sanction lists and utilize the advanced features of BANKiQ’s fraud and risk management solution to be vigilant against looming threats.

Ml-Based Behavioral Profiling

With ML capabilities, detect unusual behavioral patterns and preemptively identify potential risks. Our Fraud Risk Compliance management solution analyzes vast amounts of transaction data in real-time, learning from each interaction to continuously improve its detection accuracy.

Pre-Packaged Fraud Rules and Scenarios

Streamline all your fraud detection efforts with the help of pre-packaged fraud rules and scenarios ideal for safeguarding digital payments, especially for Instant Payments.

DLS-Powered Self-Service Fraud Rules

Experience the power of Dynamic Learning Systems (DLS) to create, customize, and manage your own fraud rules tailored to your unique needs. Utilize an intuitive drop-and-select interface for seamless fraud rule customization.

Robust Case Management

Minimize total fraud losses by employing a comprehensive case management system. BANKiQ’s Fraud Risk Compliance solution includes a transaction monitoring portal, trend plots, and tools for both current and historical investigations that aid in case tracking, analysis, and resolution.

Data Visualization

Empowering decision-making capabilities, our suite encompasses advanced data visualization tools. Generate dynamic reports and access interactive dashboards to gain clarity on fraud details and stay ahead in the fight against fraud risks.

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Advancing financial security - The benefits of BANKiQ’s Fraud Risk Compliance services

Enhanced oversight

Crucial for any digital payment operations, BANKiQ’s fraud and risk management solution equips you with comprehensive tools for monitoring and mitigating transaction risks in real-time.

Customized risk assessment

Utilizing our advanced solution, financial entities can tailor risk assessments to their unique risk profiles, ensuring precise identification and mitigation of potential threats.

Comprehensive fraud defense

BANKiQ’s Fraud Risk and Compliance management solution aids financial institutions with end-to-end risk coverage, ensuring robust protection against looming fraudulent activities.

Effortless compliance

Our Compliance and Fraud Management essentials streamline regulatory adherence, providing simplified processes and tools for seamless compliance.

Leading Fraud Risk Compliance Management Solutions from BANKiQ

Merchant Onboarding Risk Scoring

Suspicious Transaction Reporting (STR)

True Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Curated Acquirer Fraud Management

Merchant Onboarding Risk Scoring

Recognizing the critical importance of merchant risk assessment, we provide comprehensive scoring solutions to evaluate merchants before onboarding. Our Fraud Risk Compliance solutions offer the ability to screen merchants against sanction lists, provide attribute linking to uncover fraud layering and monitor transaction activities to determine if merchants align with the category to which they are admitted.


Suspicious Transaction Reporting (STR)

- As financial entities face relentless fraud detection challenges, BANKiQ’s FRC and FRM modules provide the effortless ability to file real-time alerts against FIU-defined rules and scenarios. With discrete and powerful reporting capabilities, our services are equipped with out-of-the-box STR solutions, which simplify the process of identifying and reporting suspicious transactions to regulatory authorities.


True Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

The surge of Instant Payment frauds has caused a significant monetary burden on financial institutions. Recognizing this, BANKiQ’s Fraud Risk Compliance solution has been architected for true real-time transaction monitoring and interjection that facilitates proactive protection against evolving threats. With a response time of less than 100 ms, our solution ensures minimum friction for good transactions and maximum protection against bad ones.


Curated Acquirer Fraud Management

Managing multiple channel frauds can be daunting. Our fraud and risk management module is pre-built with best-in-class alert handling, queue management, workflow, and investigative case management capabilities. With fully automated processes, our solution makes it easier for operation teams to handle fraud mitigation with higher efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness.


Our Fraud Risk Compliance Management services

Issuer Fraud Management

Stop Issuer Channel frauds by tracking your Customer behaviour to spot out-of-character Financial transactions

Fast Payment Fraud Prevention

As Fast-payment channels have multiplied, learn how to prevent Frauds in true real-time

Internal Frauds

Learn about new technological model that detects and prevents Internal fraud before it happens

STR Reporting

As a Regulated Entity, learn how to report STRs to FIU / Regulator per AML/CFT advisory

Acquirer Fraud Management

Complete end-to-end Transaction Monitoring & Fraud Management for Acquirer business

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Industries We Serve

Acquirer Banks

Payment Service Providers (PSP)

Payment Aggregators (PAs)

Payment Processors

Use Cases

Social Engineering Frauds

Account Takeover

Synthetic Identity Frauds

Collect Request Frauds

Unsuspecting Seller Frauds

Business Listing Frauds

Bank Session Hijacking

Banking Malware

The Forefront of Innovation in Fraud Detection, Compliance, and Risk Management

Here at BANKiQ, we simplify the process of fraud detection, compliance and risk management to propel your financial operations forward with precision. Our advanced FRC and FRM modules are specially designed to safeguard operations against the complexities of modern-day fraud risks. By leveraging cognitive  AI and ML technology, BANKiQ solutions deliver comprehensive risk coverage through Customer Onboarding – Login-Payments and Fund transfers. Mapping across the landscape of Fraud-Risk-Compliance with a single platform solution, BANKiQ’s fraud risk compliance services empower financial services with complete fraud and risk management, enabling the best defense against new-generation financial crimes.

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    As a PSP, you can mitigate fraud risk by implementing robust fraud detection mechanisms like BANKiQ’s IFRM, which employs transaction monitoring capabilities, AI, and ML-powered fraud prevention capabilities, as well as comprehensive case management features and much more to ensure proactive fraud prevention and effective risk management.

    Fraud prevention aims to stop fraudulent activities from manifesting by implementing effective measures like identity verification and transaction monitoring. Fraud detection, on the other hand, focuses on identifying and flagging fraudulent activities that are already happening for further investigation and action.

    Fraud management solutions that embed AI and ML-powered solutions have the ability to analyze data for patterns, provide real-time monitoring capabilities, build adaptive models, deploy predictive analytics, and automate processes, all of which can significantly enhance the security posture.