Safeguard Your Digital Payment Operations with Payment Fraud Prevention Solutions

As the world witnesses a surge in digital payments, banks, Payment Service Providers (PSPs), and Payment Aggregators (PAs) should evolve and modernize their fraud prevention solutions. With an effective digital payment fraud prevention solution, financial entities can detect and prevent payment frauds in real-time.

BANKiQ’s Fraud Risk Management Solutions empowers financial entities with robust detection and response systems to stop frauds promptly, manage risk, reputation, and regulatory pressures, and support new-age digital payments.

The Alarming Rise in Payment Frauds - Why Payment Frauds Prevention Solutions are Essential

The digital payment revolution has undoubtedly brought convenience, but it has also opened the doors to a surge in payment frauds. The sheer volume and speed of digital transactions make it challenging for traditional security measures to keep up. In line with this development, modern fraud risk management solutions like BANKiQ’s FRM facilitate financial entities with a comprehensive suite of tools to combat the rising threat of payment fraud. This provides:

Multi-channel fraud protection

Real-time detection and response to emerging frauds

Intelligent transaction screening

Regulatory compliance assistance

Behavioral intelligence and risk scoring

Our Payment Fraud Prevention Solutions

Digital Payment Fraud Management

Protect all your digital transactions across channels by leveraging BANKiQ’s proactive cognitive AI-ML-enabled Fraud Prevention Solution.

Fast Payment Fraud Management

Secure Instant Payments in real-time and monitor all transactions by utilizing BANKiQ’s smart ML-powered Fast-Payment Fraud Management solutions

Fundamental Features of BANKiQ’s Payment Fraud Prevent Solutions

Multi-channel Fraud Detection & Prevention

Real-time Transaction Monitoring

External Screening

STR Reporting

Real-time Link Analysis

Intuitive Dashboard

Multi-channel Fraud Detection & Prevention

Secure all your payment channels with real time fraud detection and prevention to stop threats in their tracks. Leverage BANKiQ’s FRM to identify suspicious activities and ensure every transaction is protected and safeguarded.


Real-time Transaction Monitoring

Combat new-age frauds by utilizing cognitive intelligence to monitor digital payments in true real-time. Avoid extensive lead times and monitoring complications by deploying our advanced, out-of-the-box payment fraud prevention solution.


External Screening

Seamlessly screen merchants with external sanctioned lists for comprehensive risk assessment and streamline all onboarding processes. Our FRM solution goes beyond basic checks and validates transactions, identifying behavioral anomalies and giving a complete picture of potential risks.


STR Reporting

On the reporting front, BANKiQ’s FRM equips banks, PAs, and PSPs with the capability to effectively report all suspicious transactions to FIUs and regulators. Through automated STR filing and case management tools, we ensure efficiency and accuracy for compliance and audit endeavors.


Real-time Link Analysis

Enhance your fraud prevention strategy by utilizing advanced algorithms to identify the connection between fraudulent entities. Our advanced FRM solution supports real-time link analysis with high accuracy, ensuring swift action against looming payment frauds.


Intuitive Dashboard

Support all fraud mitigation and analysis needs with an intuitive dashboard. Facilitating real-time insights and comprehensive visualization, our dashboard empowers financial entities to make decisions quickly and efficiently.


Next-Gen Payment Fraud Prevention with BANKiQ’s FRM

Reduced Financial Loss

With our real-time payments fraud prevention solutions, financial entities can swiftly detect and stop fraudulent activities, minimizing monetary losses and enhancing the security posture for both institutions and customers.

Tailored Fraud Management

Utilizing our digital payment fraud prevention solution, financial entities can combat payment threats with a comprehensive and customizable approach, ensuring all unique risk needs are addressed effectively.

Frictionless Security

Implement robust payments fraud prevention with effortless 24 x 7 x 365 protection. Our FRM solution ensures an uninterrupted transaction experience with proactive payments protection.

Accurate And Reliable Protection

Experience the power of precision. Our Instant Payments Fraud Prevention solution leverages cognitive AI-ML, real-time transaction monitoring, and extensive risk management capabilities to ensure reliable fraud protection.

Faster And Flexible Integration

Equip your payments operations with an advanced security solution seamlessly. The BANKiQ platform offers swift and adaptable integration capabilities, minimizing disruption to your existing infrastructure.

Ready to experience the power of true real-time monitoring for your digital payment transactions?

Businesses We Serve

  • Issuer Banks
  • Acquirer Banks
  • Financial Services companies
  • Hybrid FinTechs
  • Payment Service Providers (PSP)
  • Payment Aggregators (PAs)

Use Case

  • Banking Malware
  • Banking session Hijacking
  • Mobile Payment Fraud
  • Identity theft Fraud
  • Transaction Counterfeiting
  • Account takeover Fraud
  • Chargeback Fraud
  • Social engineering Fraud

Future-proof Your Payments with BANKiQ’s FRM Solution

At BANKiQ, we believe in a safe and secure transaction environment. To achieve this, we are actively innovating our fraud mitigation tools. By empowering financial entities with complete detection, response, and prevention capabilities, our solutions offer comprehensive protection against new-age payment frauds.

With its enterprise-ready FRM solution, BANKiQ lets you effectively detect and respond to various financial crimes. Embedded with cognitive AI-ML-enabled Fraud prevention mechanisms, BANKiQ FRM fortifies payment transactions through advanced security measures for a seamless banking experience.​

Our Customers

Leading Hybrid FinTech

Leveraging BANKiQ real-time Fraud Engines as ’embedded FRM’ to detect and prevent Fraudulent Transactions.

Largest Private Bank

Amongst the largest Inline integrated IFRM architectures operating in true real-time 24×7, it processes close to 200m Transactions per month on a single Transaction Channel.

Top Largest Nationalized Bank

First among the large nationalized banks to implement FRM for UPI Channel in the country, it processes the highest number of transactions nationwide.

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    Payment fraud manifests in various forms, ranging from identity theft, account takeover, mobile payment frauds, and more. Financial entities like banks, PAs, and PSPs should leverage advanced payment fraud prevention solutions like BANKiQ FRM to monitor and identify suspicious transactions, stopping frauds in its tracks.

    Our protection suite encompasses a multi-layered approach that utilizes transaction monitoring, adaptive analytics, deep learning, AI, customer and transactional profiling, behavioral rules and more to detect payment frauds.

    By providing true real-time detection and prevention capabilities, reducing financial losses, and minimizing false positives, Payment Fraud Prevention solutions facilitate complete fraud risk protection for acquiring banks. Additionally, they help elevate the security posture of transactions and address all risks associated with new-age payments.